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Bella Thorne Is Still At It
Added 419 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne Is Still At It
I know some of you out there are starting to get a little tired of Bella Thorne and the nonstop coverage she gets on this site thanks to her non-stop Snapchat videos and selfies. And just to show that I actually do listen to my loyal readers sometimes, I figured I’d give you guys something […]

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11-Dec-2018 :Bella Thorne Cleaned Up
26-Nov-2018 :Bella Thorne Is Selling Stuff
16-Nov-2018 :Bella Thorne Is OUT!
8-Nov-2018 :Bella Thorne Is A Not A Hot Mess
1-Nov-2018 :Bella Thorne?s Booty And Boobs Are Goodness
31-Oct-2018 :Bella Thorne In Lingerie Is Good
22-Oct-2018 :Bella Thorne?s Underboob Tease
7-Sep-2018 :Bella Thorne Knows How To Move It
4-Sep-2018 :Bella Thorne Looks Somewhat Cleaned Up
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Selena Gomez Works Her Cleavage Good
Added 419 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Selena Gomez Works Her Cleavage Good
I don’t know who told Selena Gomez she should try her hand at modeling, but whoever it is, I really need to get them to be my wingman at the bar from now on. Because they’re obviously a pro at talking women into making bad choices. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I likeSelena as […]

30-Nov-2018 :Selena Gomez: ?I feel like I?m a woman? in a turtleneck & high-waisted pa...
30-Nov-2018 :Selena Gomez: In ?a turtleneck with some high-waisted pants, I can domina...
18-Oct-2018 :More Selena Gomez Doing PUMA
17-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez Titty Squish Is Good Too
16-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez?s Clevage Will Make Yo Go Mental
12-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez Gets Insanely Bootylicious In Skin-Tight Pants? WOW!
11-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez is seeking ?additional help for her ongoing emotional issues...
2-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez Pumps up The PUMA
1-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez?s Booty Pop
1-Oct-2018 :Selena Gomez Buts Out Her Bootylicious Booty In Skin-Tight Pants? WOW!
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John Stamos, 54, got engaged to actress Caitlin McHugh, 31, at Disneyland
Added 419 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
John Stamos, 54, got engaged to actress Caitlin McHugh, 31, at Disneyland
I tend to give John Stamos a pass on most things. Is that wrong? I don?t know – he seems mostly harmless. He adored his mother, who passed away a few years ago. He?s extremely popular with women and always has been. He seems to be something of a serial monogamist and/or a serial womanizer (or something in between). He?s apparently good to his friends and generous in general. He also stays in his lane – he?s worked consistently in television, happily and steadily, for decades now. All of that gave him the distinction of being one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, sort of the George Clooney of TV actors. Well, no more. Mr. Famously Forever Bachelor is engaged!

Uncle Jesse’s going to be a married man! On Sunday night, John Stamos announced his engagement to his girlfriend, actress Caitlin McHugh. Making it official, the hunky 54-year-old TV star took to Instagram to share the good news with his 2.2 million followers. Along with a magical illustration of the couple, the Full House actor wrote, “I asked…she said yes! …And we lived happily ever after.”

The sitcom star tagged the image at Disneyland, a place he’s known to frequent with his lady love, who is a huge fan of the House of Mouse. The couple have been together over a year. E! News revealed exclusively that the lovebirds were dating in March 2016. McHugh has appeared in The Vampire Diaries and in Switched at Birth. The model also has appeared in Castle and, crazily (coincidentally) enough, she appeared in the same 2011 episode of Law & Order: SVUas Stamos! It’s a small world after all for the Disney lovers.

[From E! News]

Caitlin McHugh is 31 years old, in case anyone was wondering. She?s 31 and he?s 54. Well? at least she?s not 21, eh? She?s in her 30s, she landed the Greek-American version of George Clooney, good for her. I honestly don?t even mind the absolute cheesefest that is a Disneyland proposal! Hey, it makes them happy, and I bet they had a great time. Considering all of the Instagrams though, I do wonder if Disney sponsored their proposal. Is Stamos currently working for Disney or something? Let me check…no, he?s not?? He?s working for Netflix, and he had been working for Fox. Maybe he?s up for the lead in a new ABC show or something. Anyway, congrats to John Stamos and Caitlin. May they have many Greek babies with excellent hair.

I asked…she said yes! …And we lived happily ever after?

A post shared by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on Oct 22, 2017 at 9:09pm PDT

10-Feb-2017 :George & Amal Clooney are absolutely having twins, she?s due in June
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13-May-2015 :George Clooney: Amal doesn?t have a stylist, ?doesn?t think of herself as...
6-Apr-2015 :George Clooney & Amal had a pap-friendly Good Friday at Babbo in NYC
25-Mar-2015 :Amal Clooney to George: ?Are you expecting me to cook? I don?t cook.?
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Chloe Grace Moretz In A Tiny Bikini Will Melt Your Freaking Eyeballs!
Added 419 days agoSource: Popoholic
Chloe Grace Moretz In A Tiny Bikini Will Melt Your Freaking Eyeballs!
Here’s Chloe Grace Moretz looking like a sexy little minx and showing off a whole lot of skin, and cleavage, and leg action in a super tiny bikini in the trailer for the upcoming Louis C.K. flick I Love You, Daddy… hoochie mama! And if you think the screen caps are something to drool over (they totally are) then just wait until you see everything if full motion in the video bellow. One more time… hoochie mama!

Photo Credit: YouTube

26-Nov-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Is Working It Good
21-Nov-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Flashes Her Braless Cleavage In A Hilary Clinton Pants...
26-Oct-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz All Dolled Up And Busty
17-Oct-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Gets Extra Hot And Busty? Yes Please!
16-Oct-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Hot
11-Sep-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Looking All Kinds Of Ultra Cute And Busty
4-Sep-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Looking Ultra Busty And Bootylicious!
23-Aug-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Puts On A Surprisingly Ultra Busty And Bootylicious Sh...
13-Aug-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Unleashes All Of Her Insanely Sexy Legs
8-Aug-2018 :Chloe Grace Moretz Adorably Hot, And Curvy, And Braless, Oh My
Chloe Grace Moretz photos
Chloe Grace Moretz videos
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Dakota Fanning Busts Out Her Cute Little Cleavage
Added 419 days agoSource: Popoholic
Dakota Fanning Busts Out Her Cute Little Cleavage
Here’s Dakota Fanning looking like a hot little blonde bombshell at this past weekend’s 5th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala in NYC, and even more drool-inducing, showing off her cute little cleavage and her groovy little curves in some sort of tight/revealing corset dress… lord have mercy! And that’s more than enough info you need to know, so… enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: Getty

30-Nov-2018 :Dakota Fanning Selfies Her Cleavage In A Sports Bra
25-Sep-2018 :Dakota Fanning Selfies Her Sexy Little Legs In Skin-Tight Leggings
4-Sep-2018 :Dakota Fanning Drops Some Sexy Braless Cleavage Action
31-Aug-2018 :Dakota Fanning Busts Out Her Bootylicious Booty For Flashback Friday
27-Aug-2018 :Dakota Fanning Gives Us A Bootylicious Bikini Show!
17-Jul-2018 :Dakota Fanning Looking Bustier Than Ever In A Skimpy Swimsuit
3-Jul-2018 :Dakota Fanning Looking All Kinds Of Busty And Bootylicious In A Tiny Biki...
30-May-2018 :Dakota Fanning Looking White Hot And Bustier Than Usual
25-May-2018 :Dakota Fanning Busting Out Her Bustier Bosom
23-Mar-2018 :Dakota Fanning Is A Model Now Too
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