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Padma Lakshmi Unleashes Her Drool-Inducing Bikini Booty/Cleavage/Body' WOW!
Added 159 days agoSource: Popoholic
Padma Lakshmi Unleashes Her Drool-Inducing Bikini Booty/Cleavage/Body' WOW!
Here's forty-six year old celebrity babe/chef Padma Lakshmi enjoying the Miami beach this past weekend, and unleashing her drool-inducing body in a skimpy little bikini while doing so… hoochie mama! First off… she’s forty-six years old!' Sweet Jesus! That body, and especially that booty and that cleavage, is absolutely banging and fit as ####! And second… get a load of that awesome booty and cleavage in that skimpy little bikini! Wow. Just… wow. Alright, enjoy the sizzling photos and check out the rest (over twenty!) after the jump!

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Nina Dobrev Drops Some Sexy Cleavage And A Ton Of Killer Leg Action
Added 159 days agoSource: Popoholic
Nina Dobrev Drops Some Sexy Cleavage And A Ton Of Killer Leg Action
Here’s ex-The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev looking absolutely stunning at last night’s 2016 American Music Awards, and more importantly, busting out her drop dead sexy cleavage in a see-through corset, and unleashing all… and I mean all of her ultra sexy legs and thighs… wowzers! Oh, and she’s also doing her best to bust out her booty curves because drooling like brain dead zombies over said cleavage and legs obviously isn’t enough for her. God bless her. Enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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24-Oct-2016 :Nina Dobrev Musters Up Some Impressive Plentiful Cleavage
19-Apr-2016 :Nina Dobrev and Scott Eastwood hooked up at Coachella but it?s ?not serio...
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Heidi Klum in a gold metallic Wolk Morais jumpsuit at the AMAs: fug or funny?
Added 159 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Heidi Klum in a gold metallic Wolk Morais jumpsuit at the AMAs: fug or funny?
Heidi Klum was a presenter last night at the AMAs along with Rebecca Romijn. I’m still mildly fascinated with how these celebrities’ faces move differently than most people I see in everyday life, to put it gently. It was just noticeable with Heidi and Rebecca, by celebrity standards, and then when Lady Gaga sang it was like only her mouth moved and her forehead didn’t reflect the country angst she was supposed to be feeling.

Heidi was in this gold metallic World Morais jumpsuit with bell bottoms. Heidi has said that she likes to stand out with her fashion choices. Sometimes she brings humor to her clothing, like she’s having a laugh and we all should join in. I can’t decide if this is one of those moments. This is both fug and boring and it’s like it’s missing some key details. It’s gold and has tiny multicolored washed out dots all over it plus a giant bow that you can barely see. You know what this looks like' Those goofy 80s sauna suits.

Rebecca Romijn had on a navy blue Rita Vinieris gown featuring a see through lace top with a bra underneath. This see-through lace style is getting popular and I might have the nerve to rock it with a high waist like that. I like the top of the gown but it’s like the skirt makes it too formal for the AMAs. The lace detailing under the skirt makes it too frou-frou.

Kat Graham was more in keeping with the event in a revealing Labourjoisie dress featuring diagonal sparkly netting and a deep v-neck. I know people will disagree but I really like this. She said she was going for a 70s vibe and to me this works. Maybe her gorgeous styling saves it.

Idina Menzel was in Thai Nguyen Atelier, in a dress with a multicolor abstract firework-type sequin pattern and which also had see-through skirt with granny panties underneath. I thought it looked cool on stage and this see through skirt trend is growing on me. When she presented, with Mark Cuban, they both made political comments which were understated but struck just the right tone. Idina asked Mark what he was looking forward to and he said “not being invited to the inauguration.” She joked “Us unsafe scary theater people wouldn’t be invited to the inauguration either,” adding “I love you Hamilton.” See that was just enough, unlike the cringey jokes that Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharaoh were making earlier.

Photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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Olivia Munn in Reem Acra at the AMAs: cute or way too short?
Added 159 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Olivia Munn in Reem Acra at the AMAs: cute or way too short?
During the underwhelming red carpet coverage of the AMAs on E! last night I saw Olivia Munn pose-harding in this tiny dress and thought “who is that'” She’s done so much to her face, the result of which she credits to skincare and antioxidant potatoes, and she had on a ton of highlight makeup. When she was presenting with TJ Miller they did a bunch of weird poses together and it managed to pull this short dress up even more. I get showing off your legs, especially when they look as incredible as Olivia’s, but then pick a dress that’s not so low cut up top too. This is like a child’s dress. The Fashion Court has a photo of this dress on the runway and the original version actually covers more of the bust.

I’ve tried on babydoll dresses which may fit but are just way too short for me. They’re typically much longer than this and hit either halfway down the thigh or right above the knee. This looks borderline ridiculous. Something nice: I like the print.

Here’s everyone’s favorite social media user, Bella Thorne, showing off her sparkly red hair with green tips. She’s wearing an Anthony Franco tuxedo jacket with just a bra underneath paired with Natori Company pants. On Twitter people were pointing out that her hair was super sparkly. There’s glitter in it, like she works as a primary school teacher on the side. It looks clownish to me, and her outfit is uninventive. She could come up with something wackier but I guess she’s going for that with her styling.

Also, the lady with her is Dani Thorne, her older sister. From the thumbnails she looks like she could be her mom but up close I see they’re about the same age. You can never tell with that bright colored hair. I recently went from blonde to a redhead and while my color is much more on the normal spectrum this makes me rethink that choice.

Chrissy Teigen did a similar basic stunt in an extremely high cut black Yousef Akbar gown. In some poses it doesn’t look that bad from the front but from the side you can see that she would have needed to get creative with her undergarments, if she bothered with that. Chrissy dropped an F bomb while introducing a performance by her husband, John Legend. She knows what she’s doing.

Keke Palmer was in this very small Natalia Fedner chainmail-look crop top and mini skirt made of see-through sequin netting. If you’re going to do attention-seeking, may as well go all out like Keke and have to wear pasties. I like how she is wearing rose-tinted shades, that makes the 90s girl in me happy. The Pink coat is bringing the 90s vibe too.

This is likely deliberate but I don’t like the frayed hem at the back of the skirt, or the way that it scoops up on the side. She probably needs that to be able to walk though.

photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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Bella Thorne Rocks Out With Her Cleavage Out At The 2016 American Music Awards
Added 159 days agoSource: Popoholic
Bella Thorne Rocks Out With Her Cleavage Out At The 2016 American Music Awards
Here’s Bella Thorne done up like one of those sexy punks from an 80s horror movie that eventually get turned into a vampire or a zombie, and as if that isn’t drool-inducing enough, she’s also busting out her sexy cleavage in only a bra, and showing off her tight tummy as well… good lord! Oh, and her ultra hot sister is looking/acting naughty as well, so… enjoy the photos!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Selena Gomez Makes A Red Hot And Cleavagy Return, Woohoo!
Added 159 days agoSource: Popoholic
Selena Gomez Makes A Red Hot And Cleavagy Return, Woohoo!
It’s been forever since we’ve seen Selena Gomez make an official public appearance (she’s been away working on her health), but here she is making her grand return at last night’s 2016 American Music Awards, and totally stealing the show and dropping everyone’s jaw to the floor and inducing a serious drool-fest… sweet baby Jesus! Not only does she look healthy, she looks hotter than ever! And that goes for her plentiful braless cleavage as well. One more time… sweet baby Jesus! And in all honesty, it’s nice to see her doing well again. Alright, enough sappiness… enjoy the red hot photos!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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8-Feb-2017 :Selena Gomez Returns With A Sexy Tummy Flash
13-Jan-2017 :Selena Gomez?s InstaThong!
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