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Celebrity News and Gossip
Bella Hadid Flashes Some Sexy Curves And Leg Action In Painfully Tight Jeans
Added 247 days agoSource: Popoholic
Bella Hadid Flashes Some Sexy Curves And Leg Action In Painfully Tight Jeans
Here’s model/socialite Bella Hadid prancing around NYC yesterday afternoon and flashing her tummy and showing off her sexy legs and thighs and curves and a whole lot more in a pair of jeans that are so freaking tight and hiked-up that they look like they’re painful to wear… ouch! And that’s all that needs to be said, so… enjoy!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Hilary Duff Busting Out In A Tiny Bikini' Yes Please!
Added 247 days agoSource: Popoholic
Hilary Duff Busting Out In A Tiny Bikini' Yes Please!
Here’s a photo that Hilary Duff just recently posted on her Instagram looking ultra hot and doing something that we hardly ever see her do, and that’s showing off her huge bosom in a skimpy little bikini top, woohoo! It’s a damn shame she doesn’t do so more often, because… well, just look at said bosom in said bikini… it’s glorious! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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E!: Ben Affleck 'learned a lot' from rehab, it was 'meaningful to him'
Added 247 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
E!: Ben Affleck 'learned a lot' from rehab, it was 'meaningful to him'
There are so many follow up stories in the wake of Ben Affleck’s surprise announcement that he’s completed treatment for alcohol addiction. There are of course new insider quotes about his decision to enter treatment, which is typical of the Garner-Affleck PR team, but it’s still rather measured for them. Both ET and E! are running retrospective stories about how Garner has supported Affleck and been there for him over the years, which is kind of a no-brainer. They’re not necessarily publicist-sanctioned.

There are also new stories about Affleck’s future in Batman, and that seems to still be in the works despite older rumors that Affleck is no longer interested in the role. Production has been delayed but he’s still moving forward as Batman is is reportedly still co-writing the script. Reports claim that the entire script is being rewritten at this point, which explains his conflicting statements about it. We’ve already heard that he will no longer direct. Below I’m just excerpting the quotes about why he went to rehab and how he’s doing now. Of course Ben has already been papped out with his kids.

“[Ben] has been struggling and he decided that he needed to get back to being healthy again. It was Ben's choice to receive treatment,' says a source. 'She is happy that he is working on himself.'

'Earlier last year, Ben was doing great. He was making an effort to stay healthy,' says a source. 'But then something happened around the holidays that made him slip.'

Yet throughout Affleck's ups and downs, 'Jen was supportive and understanding,' says the source. – People

“He didn’t want to cycle through anything he had dealt with in the past,” a source shared with E! News exclusively. “He’s moving in a healthy, balanced direction.”

He didn’t want to hide,” our source explained. “He will continue to work on it. This was a step, but it’s a progressive process. He’s in a good place.”

“He learned a lot while he was there,” our insider shared. “Everyone has a story and was open about it. That was meaningful to him.” – From E!

'He has a great support system around him,' adds the friend. 'Really nice to see his friends and family gather for him ' the industry too. This was his decision to be proactive to live a healthy life. He's been very moved by the outpouring of support.'

Now that he has returned from treatment, Affleck's friend says, 'It is business as usual in the house. He picked the kids up from school yesterday, dropped them off today. As always the kids come first. They are fiercely protective of them.'

A separate source also tells PEOPLE that 'Ben and Jen took the kids to school together' this morning, and adds that Affleck is continuing to live at the family home, where he's lived through most of their separation.

'With Ben back in L.A., things are back to normal,' notes the source. 'They are focusing on the kids. Ben missed them and he's happy to be back with his kids.' – From People

[From People and E!]

As I said yesterday I’m glad he’s getting treatment, no matter why he sought it, and I’m glad that he’s been so open about it. This can only help him and his family if he’s serious about it. If he decides to continue his recovery, it can also help others if he is open about it to the press. Imagine if say, Johnny Depp, sought rehab and came out the other side clean and talking about it. We could see that from Ben, and I’m reminded of Colin Farrell’s rehab stories, and how much gratitude he has for it still. Ben didn’t seem that far gone, although he had some bizarre interviews. It must have been so much worse behind the scenes. Remember how Garner said he “cast quite a shadow”' There’s a lot of potential meaning to those words.

photos credit: FameFlynet

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Kylie Jenner ' Leaves Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park
Added 247 days agoSource: Dickism
Kylie Jenner ' Leaves Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park
Here is Kylie Jenner leaving Westfield Topanga Mall with friend in Canoga Park.

I suppose she doesn’t look bad, but I wonder what she would’ve looked like if her family hadn’t tried to turn her into Kim 2.0.

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Jessica Biel Struts Her Drop Dead Sexy Legs And Jaw-Dropping Hotness
Added 247 days agoSource: Popoholic
Jessica Biel Struts Her Drop Dead Sexy Legs And Jaw-Dropping Hotness
Here’s Jessica Biel doing some shopping and prancing around West Hollywood yesterday afternoon, and looking like one of the hottest celebrity babes/moms/entities on the entire freaking planet while doing so… wowzers! Oh, and she’s also flashing some sexy leg action in an outfit that’s nearly flashing more than just her sexy legs. Oh my! Enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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20-Sep-2017 :Jessica Biel Shows Off A Ton Of Her Ultra Sexy Legs? WOW!
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Kendall Jenner Sexy Red Lingerie Photoshoot in Miami
Added 247 days agoSource: Dickism
Kendall Jenner Sexy Red Lingerie Photoshoot in Miami
Here is Kendall Jenner showing off her toned body stripping to just a striking lace red bra and matching pants for the outdoor shoot in Miami.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kendall oozed summertime vibes as she posed on some grass and against the backdrop of a huge flower.

She flashed a sweet smile as she showed off her striking lipstick before leaning on one arm and lying down in another shot.

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19-Jul-2017 :Kendall Jenner Puts On A Drop Dead Sexy Leg Show
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