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Miranda Lambert threw a salad on a stranger during a Nashville steakhouse beef
Added 132 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Miranda Lambert threw a salad on a stranger during a Nashville steakhouse beef
I haven?t covered anything about Miranda Lambert since all of the crap went down between her and Evan Felker. Miranda ?homewrecked? Evan Felker?s marriage within a matter of days after they first met. Evan ghosted his wife, and then dropped a divorce on his wife, leaving her stunned and confused. Miranda waited until Evan?s divorce came through before she dumped him. That all went down over the course of about six months last year. I already knew some of the gossip around Miranda before that controversy, gossip about how she only goes for ?taken? men, but the Felker situation solidified everything for me: Miranda is a very unpleasant woman. So I suspect that there?s a lot more to this situation than TMZ is letting on TMZ claims that Miranda was out to dinner with her mom and a friend. Their table got into it with another table, and? Miranda threw a salad??

Miranda Lambert had a heated exchange with a couple dining at a Nashville steakhouse, and things got so nasty she dumped a salad on a woman she says was provoking her TMZ has learned. Sources close to Miranda say the food fight went down Sunday night at Stoney River Steakhouse, where the singer was dining with her mother and a family friend. Were told an older man started beefing with Mirandas buddy, and things started spiraling out of control.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops responded to a call about 2 men fighting, but by the time police arrived at the scene, Miranda and her party were gone. Were told cops didnt file a report. As for why Miranda felt compelled to dump her dinner on the woman were told the womans husband picked a fight with Mirandas friend, which started in the mens restroom with a wisecrack about millennials and their phones.

Eyewitnesses say Miranda had to be held back after the man came up to her table and started screaming were told Miranda started mouthing off and eventually walked over to the mans wife, got feisty with her and dumped a salad in her lap!!! We reached out to Mirandas team, they had no comment. We also reached out to the restaurants corporate office so far, no word back.

[From TMZ]

I have a favorite steakhouse in town and my ribeye comes with a side salad, so is that the case here? Did Miranda dump a side salad onto a stranger, or did Miranda order a salad as an entree (AT A STEAKHOUSE??) and dump a large entree salad onto some poor woman? And so Miranda?s ?family friend? was a man, and that man beefed with an older man in the restroom and then their fight spilled out into the main restaurant? This whole thing is utterly bizarre. And if Miranda threw a salad on me, THEY BETTER CALL THE COPS. Salad sh-t and steak knives are going down.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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Eiza Gonzalez Selfies Her Insanely Sexy Bikini Body And Cleavage!
Added 133 days agoSource: Popoholic
Eiza Gonzalez Selfies Her Insanely Sexy Bikini Body And Cleavage!
Heres a photo that the rumored new Catwoman for the DC films, Eiza Gonzalez, just posted on her Instagram featuring her stunning little self taking a selfie of her insanely sexy/flawless body in a tiny bikini hoochie mama! Get a load of that tight body, and especially those wicked curves and that awesome bosom and cleavage. Wow. Just wow. More please! Alright, enjoy the drool-inducing photo!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Miley Cyrus Puts On A Braless Bosom Show In A Lingerie Dress!
Added 133 days agoSource: Popoholic
Miley Cyrus Puts On A Braless Bosom Show In A Lingerie Dress!
Heres Miley Cyrus looking red hot and absolutely stunning at last nights Isnt It Romantic premiere in Los Angeles, and dropping everyones jaw to the floor with one hell of a drool-inducing display of her insanely sexy legs and her braless bosom in a revealing sheer dress wowzers! Thats basically Valentines Day lingerie if you ask me. And thats an epic braless bosom show as well, so stop reading this and enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Kaley Cuoco Gets Cleavagy, And Busty, And Ultra Sexy In Lingerie, Oh My!
Added 133 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kaley Cuoco Gets Cleavagy, And Busty, And Ultra Sexy In Lingerie, Oh My!
Heres are a couple of screen caps of Kaley Cuoco unleashing her ridiculously sexy and tight little body, and especially her ginormous cleavage and bosom in naughty lingerie from the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory holy drool-inducing hotness Batman! And now you know why millions of people watch the $#!! out of the show. Oh, and if you think that the screen caps are something to drool over, then wait until you see everything in schwingtastic motion in the video bellow. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: YouTube

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Selena Gomez Bootylicious And Cleavagy In A Tiny Bikini!
Added 133 days agoSource: Popoholic
Selena Gomez Bootylicious And Cleavagy In A Tiny Bikini!
Here are a couple of photos that Selena Gomez just posted on her Instagram featuring her sexy little self in vacation mode and enjoying the beach with a whole bunch of her hot little friends, and busting out her bootylicious booty and ton of her massive cleavage and bosom in a tiny bikini hoochie mama! I would totally give an appendage to be one of her friends. Obviously not that appendage; I would need it once she realized that we are more than just friends. Alright, enough blabbing enjoy the sizzling photos!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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