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Priyanka Chopra Jonas changed her name because 'I?m a little traditional'
Added 139 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Priyanka Chopra Jonas changed her name because 'I?m a little traditional'
What?s more boring than Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas? twenty million weddings, ceremonies and wedding receptions? Hearing Priyanka talk about those millions of weddings and receptions in her publicity tour for? nothing. She?s on a Newlywed Tour, basically. She?s just going on talk shows to talk about being married and all of the weddings and sh-t. Like we weren?t there for all of it because she sold every fking detail to sponsors and magazines. So are we learning anything new? Well, there is this one thing: she?s changing her name. Well, she?s just adding Jonas to Chopra, so it?s not like we?re going to have to start calling her Priyanka Jonas (although that does not sound bad at all).

For Priyanka Chopra, adding husband Nick Jonas? last name to her own was never a question.

?I always wanted to add his name to mine because I feel like we?re becoming family, and I?m a little traditional and old school like that,? the Quantico actress, 36, said on Tuesday, during a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. ?But I don?t take away my identity. He gets added to who I am.?

Chopra ? who wed Jonas, 26, in an extravagant series of events in December ? is wasting no time settling into married life, changing her name to ?Priyanka Chopra Jonas? on Instagram days after saying her ?I dos.?

?The gravity of it, it?s like a big deal!? she told Fallon, of the name switch. ?I didn?t realize it was that much of a big deal until I did it.?

[From People]

The whole ?should a wife change her name? thing is always such a big debate, among celebrities and normal people. I?ve shared my thoughts before I love my Indian name and I would hate to ever give up my maiden surname. It?s wrapped up in my own sense of my identity. But I also get that other women aren?t like that, and some women really do want to take their husband?s name for various reasons. I like that Priyanka isn?t hyphenating, she?s just tacking Jonas on to the end, and I feel like she won?t be mad if people call her by her maiden.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Ariana Grande is skipping the Grammys because they won't let her perform '7 Rings'
Added 139 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ariana Grande is skipping the Grammys because they won't let her perform '7 Rings'
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i can?t wait part two @sweetener

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Jan 25, 2019 at 5:19pm PST

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Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney are engaged after dating for eight months
Added 139 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney are engaged after dating for eight months
Quick, off the top of your head, name Anne Hathaway?s husband! Can you do it? I do this for a living and even I had to look it up. Adam Shulman. His name is Adam Shulman. I bring up Anne Hathaway and Adam because I think that?s happening with Jennifer Lawrence. J-Law split from Darren Aronofsky in late 2017. She was single for a few months, then she quietly began seeing Cooke Maroney, an ?art dealer? type in New York. They?ve been quietly doing each other for maybe about eight months, tops. Which is forever in Hollywood years, so let?s get married.

Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend Cooke Maroney may be making it official soon. Page Six can exclusively reveal that the two were spotted having a cozy dinner at Raoul?s and Lawrence was rocking a ?massive ring? on her finger.

?It was a giant rock. They seemed like they were celebrating and people were talking about it. The ring was very noticeable. They were sitting back in a corner. She was wearing a cute black dress with white polka dots,? a spy told us. The low-key couple were also spotted dining at Elio?s on the Upper East Side over the weekend. But some friends of J.Law told us they haven?t heard any news of an engagement as of Tuesday afternoon.

A rep for Lawrence would not confirm if she?s engaged.

[From Page Six]

Hours later, both Page Six and People Mag got confirmation from Jennifers rep the initial Page Six story was true, and theyre engaged. The reason I brought up Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman in the beginning is because I think that, like Anne, Jennifer was legitimately and truly tired of dating ?celebrities? or famous/shady men. Nicholas Hoult, Chris Martin, Darren Aronofsky, it was just too much. So she went looking for a normal guy who was low-drama and she marrying the first one who asked her. I predict a down-home yet low-key wedding in Kentucky.

PS? I have this 30 Rock line stuck in my head because sometimes 30 Rock had the perfect pop-culture joke: ?A-listers always have surprise weddings now, Liz. Timberbiel, Beyon-Z, Anne Hatha-Nobody.? I MISS 30 ROCK.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Dakota Fanning Leggy And Curvy In Skin-Tight Leggings
Added 140 days agoSource: Popoholic
Dakota Fanning Leggy And Curvy In Skin-Tight Leggings
Heres Dakota Fanning looking adorably cute while prancing around Los Angeles after a very productive workout, and showing off just how productive said workout was thanks to her ridiculously sexy/fit little legs and thighs and curves in skin-tight leggings wowzers! This peach is one of my favs right now, and she works hard to be on my top five list, so give her some props, alright? Enjoy!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Jessica Alba Looking All Kinds Of Ultra Hot And Busty
Added 140 days agoSource: Popoholic
Jessica Alba Looking All Kinds Of Ultra Hot And Busty
Heres a photo that Jessica Alba just posted on her Instagram featuring her stunning little self still looking like one of the hottest celebrity babes on the entire freaking planet, and busting out her bodacious bosom in a tight top hoochie mama! Pretty damn impressive for a thirty-seven year old mother of three, eh? Then again, I only socialize with twenty-one year old models, so what do I know. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Kaley Cuoco Works Out Her Insanely Sexy/Fit Booty In Leggings' WOW!
Added 140 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kaley Cuoco Works Out Her Insanely Sexy/Fit Booty In Leggings' WOW!
Heres a photo that The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco just posted on her Instagram featuring her ultra hot little self doing some sort of torturous exercise at the gym, and showing off her insanely sexy/fit booty in a pair of revealing skin-tight leggings good lord! Im working up a sweat just marveling at said booty. Wow. Just wow. Alright, time for me to hit the (cold) showers. Enjoy, and try not to pull anything!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Kaley Cuoco photos
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Amber Heard Unleashes All Of Her Drool-Inducing Legs!
Added 140 days agoSource: Popoholic
Amber Heard Unleashes All Of Her Drool-Inducing Legs!
Heres Amber Heard looking absolutely stunning and zapping everyone into a zombie-like state of drooling with one hell of a jaw-dropping display of all and I mean all of her insanely sexy/perfect little legs at the Japanese premiere for Aquaman sweet baby Jesus! I think its safe to say that Ambers superpower is to induce a drool-fest with her wicked little legs and sexiness, eh? And heres my one and only superpower enjoy the sizzling photos!

Photo Credit: WENN

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