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Hailey Baldwin steps out in some looks during Paris Fashion Week: cute or blah?
Added 113 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Hailey Baldwin steps out in some looks during Paris Fashion Week: cute or blah?
Hailey Baldwin is in Paris for fashion week, and these are some photos of her out and about and attending events from the past few days. Before she married Justin Bieber, I never considered Hailey to be much of an in-demand model. She got a few magazine covers and she worked some fashion week runways, but let?s be real: marrying Justin was the best thing that ever happened to her modeling career. Within a matter of months, Hailey had new endorsements, beauty contracts and job offers than ever before. I don?t blame her for taking the work either, or from profiting from her connection to Justin now. I want her to get paid. I want her to get work. I think it?s a good thing for her, to have something other than Justin to anchor her.

Anyway, I have to say? I think Hailey looks really beautiful in these photos. I always thought she was kind of a nothingburger as a model, but being in an ill-advised marriage suits her. I especially like her black leather ensemble, she really pulls it off. Meanwhile, I don?t think that Justin made the trip to Paris with Hailey, but I could be wrong. I think it?s just a work trip for her and Justin is possibly home in LA. Could Justin be getting up to something?

Whatever it takes! Justin Bieber is keeping his distance from ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in order to keep his wife, Hailey Baldwin, happy.

?Justin has stayed away from Selena to be loyal to Hailey,? a source exclusively tells Us Weekly, adding that the ?Sorry? crooner, 24, and the Disney Channel alum, 26, ?haven?t talked recently.?

Bieber and Gomez had a high-profile, on-again, off-again relationship, which started in 2011. They briefly gave their romance one final shot in November 2017, but split in March 2018. Weeks later, a source confirmed to Us that the ?Never Say Never? singer and Baldwin, 22, were hooking up again. (Bieber and Baldwin had previously dated from 2015 to 2016.)

[From Us Weekly]

I mean, I don?t know these people and I fundamentally believe they?ve all got profound issues. But I also think Selena and Justin?s story isn?t done. And that makes me feel sorry for Hailey.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Dakota Fanning Selfies Her Cleavage And Sexy Legs In Skin-Tight Workout Attire!
Added 114 days agoSource: Popoholic
Dakota Fanning Selfies Her Cleavage And Sexy Legs In Skin-Tight Workout Attire!
Here are a couple of screen shots from a short video clip that Dakota Fanning just posted on her Instagram featuring her cute little self taking a selfie of her bustier/more cleavagy bosom in a sports bra, and her tight tummy, and her wicked little curves, and her sexy little legs in skin-tight leggings wowzers! Does she look sexier and more fit than ever, or what!? And yeah, she looks bustier than ever as well. Wow. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Chloe Grace Moretz Gets Bootylicious In Tight Jeans!
Added 114 days agoSource: Popoholic
Chloe Grace Moretz Gets Bootylicious In Tight Jeans!
Heres Chloe Grace Moretz looking like a cute little minx while heading to her Jimmy Kimmel Live taping the other day, and showing off her sexy little booty in a pair of tight jeans nice! This peach has one of the sexiest/most underrated booties (see Bonus Galleries bellow) in the biz, so god bless her for finally giving us a booty shot. Speaking of enjoy!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Katy Perry Gets Curvalicious, Leggy, And Busty, Oh My!
Added 114 days agoSource: Popoholic
Katy Perry Gets Curvalicious, Leggy, And Busty, Oh My!
Heres Katy Perry looking like a blonde bombshell while heading to her Jimmy Kimmel Live taping the other day, and unleashing her sexy legs, and her groovy curves, and her bootylicious booty curves, and her ginormous bosom in a formfitting dress sweet Christmas! Aint nothing more drool-inducing than Katy Perry busting out from all over the place, eh? Damn right! Enjoy the sizzling photos!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Kate Beckinsale Busting Out Her Massive/Perfect Braless Cleavage' WOW!
Added 114 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kate Beckinsale Busting Out Her Massive/Perfect Braless Cleavage' WOW!
Heres Kate Beckinsale looking like a stunning goddess at the New York premiere for her new TV show The Widow, and zapping everyone into a zombie-like state of drooling with one hell of a jaw-dropping display of her massive/perfectly-shaped cleavage in a sexy little dress sweet baby Jesus! And as if thats not drool-inducing enough, shes also showing off her insanely sexy legs. One more time sweet baby Jesus! Enjoy the photos and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Photo Credit: WENN

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