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Celebrity Gallery Updates - Past 30 days

Saturday December 20th, 2014 CET
(1302 photos added)
Reese Witherspoon20photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Taylor Swift60photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Jenny McCarthy7photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Jennifer Lopez11photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Britney Spears36photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Emily Blunt12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Katharine McPhee19photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Cameron Diaz7photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Natalie Dormer61photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Myleene Klass34photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Lara Stone17photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kate Upton27photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Jennifer Lawrence24photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Ariana Grande15photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Ashley Greene8photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Jessica Alba24photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kelly Brook36photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Jennifer Aniston78photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Lily Collins14photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Emilia Clarke72photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Heidi Klum27photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Vanessa Hudgens24photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Hilary Swank35photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Roselyn Sanchez12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Paris Hilton27photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Sophia Bush5photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Anna Faris24photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Sienna Miller24photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kate Hudson21photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kristen Stewart12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Tamsin Egerton23photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kelly Bensimon26photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Nina Agdal12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Keira Knightley59photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Alessandra Ambrosio5photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Katy Perry20photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kylie Minogue13photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
LeeLee Sobieski26photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Hilary Duff19photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Camilla Belle12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Kimberly Kardashian26photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Sara Malakul Lane9photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Lily Allen33photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Emma Stone18photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Mila Kunis18photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Paz Vega20photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Ashley Benson10photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Nicole Kidman12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Angelina Jolie20photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Katie Holmes12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Salma Hayek20photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Gwyneth Paltrow33photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Christina Hendricks15photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Ashlee Simpson12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Anna Kendrick2photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Charlize Theron6photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Jessica Simpson6photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Rihanna10photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Eva Longoria12photos addedupdated 10 hour(s) ago
Friday December 19th, 2014 CET
(922 photos added)
Nicki Minaj11photos addedupdated 22 hour(s) ago
Demi Lovato2photos addedupdated 22 hour(s) ago
Emilia Clarke53photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Charlize Theron8photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kimberly Kardashian19photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Katie Holmes12photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Sofia Vergara10photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Eva Longoria9photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Katharine McPhee12photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Julianne Moore43photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kendra Wilkinson13photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Sharon Stone43photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley13photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Britney Spears7photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kelly Brook100photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Victoria Justice22photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Miranda Kerr36photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Doutzen Kroes26photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kendall Jenner10photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Candice Swanepoel3photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kate Hudson19photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Christina Milian38photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Hilary Duff39photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Petra Nemcova12photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kate Beckinsale19photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Paris Hilton19photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Arianny Celeste22photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Ashley Greene12photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Selena Gomez3photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Maria Sharapova30photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Jennifer Aniston23photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Taylor Swift12photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Helena Christensen16photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Hilary Swank24photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Ashanti18photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Tara Reid14photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Lara Stone4photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Jessica Alba27photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Kelly Bensimon4photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Natalie Dormer32photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Hannah Spearritt16photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Emily Blunt17photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Reese Witherspoon12photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Alessandra Ambrosio11photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Marla Sokoloff27photos addedupdated 34 hour(s) ago
Thursday December 18th, 2014 CET
(1030 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio25photos added
Anna Kendrick21photos added
Ariana Grande26photos added
Ashley Benson14photos added
Charlize Theron22photos added
Christina Milian12photos added
Emilia Clarke55photos added
Emmy Rossum34photos added
Eva Green13photos added
Eva Longoria12photos added
Freida Pinto54photos added
Gail Porter52photos added
Heidi Klum12photos added
Hilary Duff17photos added
Jennifer Connelly24photos added
Jennifer Lopez46photos added
Kaley Cuoco12photos added
Kate Upton23photos added
Katherine Heigl21photos added
Katie Holmes21photos added
Katy Perry12photos added
Keira Knightley1photo added
Kelly Bensimon28photos added
Kelly Brook60photos added
Kendall Jenner11photos added
Kimberly Kardashian58photos added
Lily Allen19photos added
Liv Tyler33photos added
Maria Menounos20photos added
Maria Sharapova12photos added
Marloes Horst9photos added
Myleene Klass11photos added
Natalie Dormer8photos added
Nicki Minaj8photos added
Olivia Wilde116photos added
Pixie Lott14photos added
Reese Witherspoon9photos added
Rihanna8photos added
Sara Evans17photos added
Sofia Vergara27photos added
Taylor Swift3photos added
Teri Hatcher10photos added
Vanessa Hudgens8photos added
Victoria Justice12photos added
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Wednesday December 17th, 2014 CET
(1165 photos added)
Ali Larter11photos added
Amanda Seyfried21photos added
Amy Adams6photos added
Anna Kendrick24photos added
Ariana Grande15photos added
Ashley Greene24photos added
Ashley Tisdale24photos added
Blake Lively18photos added
Caroline Wozniacki7photos added
Chloe Grace Moretz14photos added
Claudia Romani25photos added
Dakota Fanning4photos added
Danica McKellar5photos added
Drew Barrymore10photos added
Emilia Clarke94photos added
Eva Longoria58photos added
Hayden Panettiere33photos added
Heidi Klum12photos added
Hilary Duff10photos added
Jennifer Aniston5photos added
Jennifer Lawrence40photos added
Jennifer Lopez5photos added
Jessica Biel6photos added
Julianne Moore24photos added
Kate Upton12photos added
Keira Knightley12photos added
Kellie Pickler25photos added
Kelly Brook17photos added
Kendall Jenner77photos added
Kristen Stewart6photos added
Lara Stone22photos added
Lindsay Lohan34photos added
Miranda Kerr3photos added
Myleene Klass23photos added
Naomi Watts25photos added
Natalie Dormer54photos added
Nicki Minaj17photos added
Nicole Kidman22photos added
Nina Agdal25photos added
Olivia Munn7photos added
Paris Hilton11photos added
Reese Witherspoon36photos added
Rihanna4photos added
Rita Ora75photos added
Salma Hayek6photos added
Sarah Michelle Gellar11photos added
Sophia Bush10photos added
Tamsin Egerton50photos added
Taylor Swift41photos added
Victoria Justice45photos added
Tuesday December 16th, 2014 CET
(1271 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio41photos added
Amy Adams9photos added
Anne Hathaway7photos added
Ashley Tisdale9photos added
Beyonce Knowles55photos added
Billie Piper22photos added
Brittany Snow12photos added
Carrie Underwood5photos added
Christina Milian38photos added
Cindy Crawford29photos added
Courteney Cox14photos added
Danica McKellar26photos added
Dianna Agron55photos added
Elizabeth Banks21photos added
Emilia Clarke96photos added
Emmy Rossum22photos added
Eva Longoria55photos added
Evangeline Lilly13photos added
Hannah Spearritt11photos added
Hilary Duff35photos added
Jennifer Aniston4photos added
Jennifer Lawrence49photos added
Jenny McCarthy12photos added
Jessica Alba11photos added
Jessica Simpson28photos added
Kaley Cuoco16photos added
Karolina Kurkova23photos added
Katy Perry20photos added
Keira Knightley21photos added
Kelly Brook39photos added
Kendall Jenner12photos added
Kirsten Dunst11photos added
Kristen Stewart4photos added
Kylie Minogue51photos added
Lara Stone11photos added
Lily Collins38photos added
Madonna2photos added
Maria Menounos62photos added
Marion Cotillard15photos added
Marloes Horst27photos added
Melissa George3photos added
Minka Kelly16photos added
Natalie Dormer66photos added
Nicky Hilton30photos added
Rihanna44photos added
Rita Ora2photos added
Rose McGowan21photos added
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley13photos added
Sara Jean Underwood16photos added
Sienna Miller14photos added
Stacey Dash4photos added
Taylor Swift11photos added
Monday December 15th, 2014 CET
(1407 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio24photos added
Alyson Hannigan7photos added
Angelina Jolie3photos added
Anna Kendrick10photos added
Anne Hathaway15photos added
Ariana Grande40photos added
Ashley Benson62photos added
Ashley Tisdale6photos added
Dakota Fanning25photos added
Demi Lovato25photos added
Dianna Agron15photos added
Drew Barrymore34photos added
Emilia Clarke24photos added
Emma Stone72photos added
Emmy Rossum8photos added
Eva Longoria56photos added
Jennifer Lawrence22photos added
Joanna Levesque24photos added
Jordana Brewster64photos added
Julianne Moore10photos added
Kaley Cuoco60photos added
Kate Beckinsale16photos added
Kate Hudson18photos added
Katherine Heigl3photos added
Katy Perry45photos added
Keira Knightley36photos added
Kelly Bensimon27photos added
Kelly Brook121photos added
Kristen Stewart49photos added
Lara Stone19photos added
Lily Collins25photos added
Marion Cotillard39photos added
Marloes Horst53photos added
Mila Kunis9photos added
Natalie Dormer61photos added
Nicole Kidman27photos added
Nina Agdal5photos added
Olivia Munn5photos added
Paris Hilton9photos added
Rachel Bilson13photos added
Reese Witherspoon46photos added
Rihanna26photos added
Rita Ora4photos added
Rose McGowan5photos added
Roselyn Sanchez6photos added
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley8photos added
Sarah Michelle Gellar57photos added
Sharon Stone12photos added
Sienna Miller14photos added
Sophia Bush8photos added
Tamsin Egerton8photos added
Taylor Swift12photos added
Teri Hatcher11photos added
Victoria Beckham4photos added
Sunday December 14th, 2014 CET
(1549 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio31photos added
Camilla Belle45photos added
Candice Swanepoel23photos added
Charlize Theron127photos added
Emmy Rossum8photos added
Eva Longoria77photos added
Gwyneth Paltrow41photos added
Jennifer Lawrence86photos added
Jessie J173photos added
Kat Graham111photos added
Kate Beckinsale44photos added
Kate Bosworth11photos added
Katherine Heigl12photos added
Katy Perry69photos added
Keira Knightley29photos added
Kelly Bensimon17photos added
Kelly Brook57photos added
Keri Russell48photos added
Kirsten Dunst8photos added
Leticia Cline12photos added
Miranda Kerr11photos added
Rita Ora423photos added
Sally Field20photos added
Salma Hayek12photos added
Sara Malakul Lane21photos added
Sophie Monk16photos added
Stana Katic11photos added
Tamsin Egerton2photos added
Taylor Swift4photos added
Saturday December 13th, 2014 CET
(2495 photos added)
Angelina Jolie3photos added
Anna Kendrick8photos added
Beyonce Knowles8photos added
Carolina Ardohain20photos added
Jennifer Garner4photos added
Jennifer Lawrence72photos added
Jessie J46photos added
Julianna Margulies113photos added
Kendall Jenner433photos added
Leticia Cline20photos added
Maria Grazia Cucinotta77photos added
Michelle Keegan461photos added
Nina Agdal357photos added
Pixie Lott645photos added
Sally Field2photos added
Shannyn Sossamon19photos added
Stana Katic203photos added
Taylor Swift4photos added
Ben Affleck4photos added
Friday December 12th, 2014 CET
(2049 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio9photos added
Angelina Jolie5photos added
Ariana Grande457photos added
Carolina Ardohain11photos added
Chloe Grace Moretz405photos added
Claudia Romani139photos added
Dakota Fanning479photos added
Elizabeth Olsen129photos added
Evangeline Lilly5photos added
Freida Pinto4photos added
Jennifer Connelly24photos added
Jennifer Garner6photos added
Jennifer Lawrence320photos added
Jessie J6photos added
Julianna Margulies14photos added
Kat Graham2photos added
Kate Beckinsale4photos added
Keira Knightley4photos added
Kimberly Kardashian5photos added
Mila Kunis4photos added
Reese Witherspoon6photos added
Scarlett Johansson3photos added
Selena Gomez4photos added
Taylor Swift4photos added
Ben Affleck6photos added
Thursday December 11th, 2014 CET
(2232 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio89photos added
Ali Larter37photos added
Amanda Seyfried10photos added
Anna Faris7photos added
Anna Kendrick16photos added
AnnaLynne McCord15photos added
Ariana Grande54photos added
Ashley Greene26photos added
Blake Lively12photos added
Camila Alves32photos added
Camilla Belle26photos added
Chloe Grace Moretz26photos added
Dakota Fanning30photos added
Denise Richards11photos added
Elizabeth Banks18photos added
Elizabeth Olsen3photos added
Emilia Clarke137photos added
Emma Stone19photos added
Emmy Rossum10photos added
Eva La Rue12photos added
Heidi Klum19photos added
Jennifer Aniston17photos added
Jennifer Lawrence52photos added
Jennifer Lopez19photos added
Jessica Alba17photos added
Jessie J12photos added
Julianna Margulies6photos added
Julianne Moore12photos added
Kaley Cuoco75photos added
Kate Walsh15photos added
Katie Price16photos added
Katy Perry7photos added
Keira Knightley159photos added
Kelly Bensimon71photos added
Kelly Brook31photos added
Kendall Jenner132photos added
Kendra Wilkinson10photos added
Kimberly Kardashian11photos added
Lara Stone40photos added
LeeLee Sobieski26photos added
Lily Collins53photos added
Lindsay Lohan8photos added
Maria Menounos8photos added
Marloes Horst29photos added
Melissa George32photos added
Michelle Keegan12photos added
Morena Baccarin15photos added
Natalie Dormer72photos added
Nicki Minaj3photos added
Olga Kurylenko40photos added
Paris Hilton8photos added
Pixie Lott17photos added
Rita Ora6photos added
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley46photos added
Salma Hayek6photos added
Sara Jean Underwood20photos added
Selena Gomez274photos added
Sienna Miller14photos added
Tamsin Egerton29photos added
Taylor Swift143photos added
Teri Hatcher10photos added
Tricia Helfer38photos added
Zooey Deschanel12photos added
Wednesday December 10th, 2014 CET
(2483 photos added)
Alicia Witt14photos added
Amanda Holden10photos added
Anna Kendrick6photos added
Anne Hathaway44photos added
Ariana Grande12photos added
Ashley Greene64photos added
Brittany Snow12photos added
Brittny Gastineau12photos added
Carolina Ardohain12photos added
Chloe Grace Moretz40photos added
Claudia Romani12photos added
Dakota Fanning35photos added
Dianna Agron26photos added
Elizabeth Banks32photos added
Elizabeth Olsen4photos added
Emilia Clarke110photos added
Emily Blunt33photos added
Emmy Rossum44photos added
Eva Green12photos added
Eva Longoria98photos added
Eva Mendes39photos added
Evangeline Lilly14photos added
Heidi Klum72photos added
Hilary Swank12photos added
Jennifer Aniston12photos added
Jennifer Lawrence150photos added
Jenny McCarthy8photos added
Jessica Alba215photos added
Jessie J33photos added
Jordana Brewster20photos added
Julianna Margulies2photos added
Julie Bowen12photos added
Kaley Cuoco44photos added
Kat Graham2photos added
Kate Beckinsale19photos added
Kate Hudson4photos added
Kate Middleton9photos added
Kate Upton16photos added
Kate Walsh25photos added
Katharine McPhee76photos added
Katherine Heigl33photos added
Katy Perry13photos added
Keira Knightley39photos added
Kellie Pickler16photos added
Kelly Brook27photos added
Kendall Jenner59photos added
Kristen Stewart22photos added
Lara Stone20photos added
Leighton Meester86photos added
Lily Collins17photos added
Maria Grazia Cucinotta14photos added
Maria Menounos21photos added
Maria Sharapova37photos added
Marloes Horst73photos added
Megan Fox14photos added
Melanie Chisholm26photos added
Michelle Keegan12photos added
Michelle Monaghan25photos added
Michelle Rodriguez14photos added
Miley Cyrus3photos added
Natalie Dormer41photos added
Nicki Minaj1photo added
Nicky Hilton9photos added
Nicole Kidman37photos added
Nina Agdal12photos added
Olga Kurylenko35photos added
Olivia Munn4photos added
Patricia Heaton20photos added
Paz Vega13photos added
Pixie Lott22photos added
Reese Witherspoon80photos added
Rihanna2photos added
Rita Ora25photos added
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley63photos added
Sara Jean Underwood16photos added
Selena Gomez25photos added
Shannyn Sossamon6photos added
Sienna Miller7photos added
Sophia Bush28photos added
Tamsin Egerton10photos added
Taylor Swift21photos added
Uma Thurman19photos added
Tuesday December 9th, 2014 CET
(2767 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio38photos added
Angelina Jolie16photos added
Anne Hathaway92photos added
Ariana Grande15photos added
Britney Spears29photos added
Cameron Diaz24photos added
Carolina Ardohain8photos added
Catherine Zeta Jones12photos added
Charlize Theron107photos added
Chloe Grace Moretz21photos added
Christina Hendricks85photos added
Christina Milian14photos added
Claudia Romani1photo added
Dakota Fanning21photos added
Demi Lovato46photos added
Dianna Agron20photos added
Doutzen Kroes59photos added
Elizabeth Banks11photos added
Elizabeth Olsen17photos added
Elsa Pataky13photos added
Emilia Clarke57photos added
Eva Green42photos added
Eva Longoria18photos added
Evan Rachel Wood3photos added
Gwen Stefani5photos added
Hayden Panettiere51photos added
Heather Locklear11photos added
Hilary Duff6photos added
Hilary Swank80photos added
Jennifer Garner126photos added
Jennifer Lawrence7photos added
Jennifer Lopez143photos added
Jenny McCarthy40photos added
Jessie J32photos added
Jodie Marsh17photos added
Joss Stone5photos added
Julianna Margulies2photos added
Julianne Moore49photos added
Julie Bowen17photos added
Kaley Cuoco39photos added
Kate Hudson25photos added
Kate Middleton8photos added
Kate Upton17photos added
Katharine McPhee29photos added
Katherine Heigl5photos added
Katie Holmes12photos added
Keira Knightley47photos added
Kelly Brook107photos added
Kendall Jenner63photos added
Kimberly Kardashian16photos added
Kristen Stewart35photos added
Lara Stone15photos added
Lily Collins74photos added
Maria Menounos63photos added
Mariah Carey18photos added
Marloes Horst91photos added
Megan Fox7photos added
Michelle Keegan3photos added
Michelle Monaghan59photos added
Myleene Klass26photos added
Natalie Dormer159photos added
Natalie Portman12photos added
Nicki Minaj108photos added
Nicky Hilton5photos added
Nicole Kidman42photos added
Nina Agdal11photos added
Olivia Wilde46photos added
Pixie Lott62photos added
Reese Witherspoon48photos added
Rita Ora34photos added
Sara Jean Underwood16photos added
Sara Malakul Lane10photos added
Sophia Bush20photos added
Stacy Keibler4photos added
Stana Katic22photos added
Taylor Swift33photos added
Uma Thurman7photos added
Victoria Justice9photos added
Monday December 8th, 2014 CET
(3091 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio68photos added
Alyson Hannigan11photos added
Angelina Jolie132photos added
Anna Kendrick7photos added
Anne Hathaway36photos added
Ariana Grande5photos added
Ashlee Simpson11photos added
Bai Ling30photos added
Bar Refaeli11photos added
Britney Spears1photo added
Camilla Belle34photos added
Carolina Ardohain2photos added
Caroline Wozniacki4photos added
Charlize Theron50photos added
Christina Milian13photos added
Claudia Romani9photos added
Dakota Fanning19photos added
Danica McKellar4photos added
Dianna Agron3photos added
Elizabeth Banks34photos added
Elizabeth Olsen19photos added
Emilia Clarke116photos added
Emily Deschanel33photos added
Emma Stone13photos added
Emmy Rossum68photos added
Eva Green30photos added
Eva La Rue11photos added
Eva Longoria27photos added
Gwyneth Paltrow16photos added
Hilary Duff29photos added
Hilary Swank8photos added
Jennifer Aniston12photos added
Jennifer Garner55photos added
Jennifer Lawrence166photos added
Jennifer Lopez67photos added
Jessica Alba31photos added
Jessica Simpson4photos added
Jessie J12photos added
Jordana Brewster7photos added
Julia Louis Dreyfus28photos added
Kaley Cuoco38photos added
Karina Smirnoff9photos added
Kate Beckinsale13photos added
Kate Middleton7photos added
Katie Holmes12photos added
Katie Price12photos added
Katy Perry92photos added
Kelly Brook42photos added
Kendall Jenner61photos added
Kimberly Kardashian117photos added
Kirsten Dunst17photos added
Kourtney Kardashian41photos added
Kristen Stewart139photos added
Leighton Meester115photos added
Lily Allen16photos added
Lindsay Lohan23photos added
Maria Grazia Cucinotta13photos added
Maria Menounos16photos added
Maria Sharapova30photos added
Mariah Carey12photos added
Melissa George11photos added
Michelle Keegan11photos added
Michelle Monaghan13photos added
Michelle Rodriguez51photos added
Michelle Trachtenberg17photos added
Miranda Kerr21photos added
Miranda Lambert2photos added
Myleene Klass29photos added
Natalie Dormer124photos added
Nicki Minaj123photos added
Nicole Kidman6photos added
Nicole Scherzinger27photos added
Nina Agdal109photos added
Olivia Munn46photos added
Olivia Wilde9photos added
Paris Hilton25photos added
Pixie Lott91photos added
Rebecca Romijn17photos added
Reese Witherspoon113photos added
Rita Ora61photos added
Selena Gomez37photos added
Sofia Vergara8photos added
Stana Katic3photos added
Taylor Swift59photos added
Teri Hatcher12photos added
Vanessa Hudgens5photos added
Sunday December 7th, 2014 CET
(3387 photos added)
Adriana Lima63photos added
Alessandra Ambrosio26photos added
Ali Larter78photos added
Alyson Hannigan1photo added
Angelina Jolie8photos added
Anna Kendrick12photos added
Ariana Grande63photos added
Ashley Greene25photos added
Ashley Tisdale42photos added
Bai Ling12photos added
Britney Spears17photos added
Brittany Snow33photos added
Camilla Belle36photos added
Carmen Electra46photos added
Caroline Wozniacki18photos added
Chloe Grace Moretz3photos added
Christina Hendricks78photos added
Christina Milian16photos added
Claudia Romani23photos added
Dakota Fanning8photos added
Danica McKellar11photos added
Demi Lovato14photos added
Demi Moore32photos added
Diane Kruger12photos added
Dianna Agron73photos added
Doutzen Kroes10photos added
Elizabeth Hurley12photos added
Elizabeth Olsen2photos added
Elsa Pataky52photos added
Emilia Clarke48photos added
Emma Stone18photos added
Emmy Rossum57photos added
Eva Longoria49photos added
Evan Rachel Wood22photos added
Gwyneth Paltrow23photos added
Heidi Klum14photos added
Hilary Duff43photos added
Hilary Swank36photos added
Jennifer Aniston32photos added
Jennifer Garner12photos added
Jennifer Lopez77photos added
Jessica Alba59photos added
Jessica Simpson12photos added
Joanna Krupa12photos added
Jordana Brewster7photos added
Julianna Margulies4photos added
Julianne Hough19photos added
Kaley Cuoco102photos added
Karina Smirnoff6photos added
Kat Dennings19photos added
Kate Beckinsale25photos added
Kate Mara28photos added
Katharine McPhee63photos added
Katie Holmes50photos added
Katy Perry17photos added
Keira Knightley187photos added
Kelly Bensimon3photos added
Kelly Brook284photos added
Kendall Jenner1photo added
Keri Russell32photos added
Kimberly Kardashian28photos added
Kirsten Dunst13photos added
Kristen Stewart37photos added
Kristin Davis11photos added
Lara Stone85photos added
Lily Collins68photos added
Maria Menounos2photos added
Maria Sharapova43photos added
Marloes Horst36photos added
Melissa George14photos added
Michelle Monaghan15photos added
Michelle Rodriguez25photos added
Natalie Dormer99photos added
Nicki Minaj11photos added
Nicole Kidman105photos added
Nina Agdal54photos added
Paris Hilton8photos added
Pixie Lott53photos added
Rachel McAdams26photos added
Reese Witherspoon12photos added
Rihanna58photos added
Rita Ora18photos added
Sally Field2photos added
Sara Malakul Lane89photos added
Scarlett Johansson126photos added
Selena Gomez7photos added
Sharon Stone12photos added
Sophia Bush20photos added
Taylor Swift60photos added
Teri Hatcher34photos added
Vanessa Hudgens29photos added
Saturday December 6th, 2014 CET
(6456 photos added)
Alessandra Ambrosio156photos added
Ali Larter24photos added
Angelina Jolie17photos added
Anna Faris2photos added
Ariana Grande39photos added
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